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How are borders established during a breakup?

Berlin Wall

After a breakup how do you know what you should or shouldn’t do? Do you talk to your ex in establishing rules for an amicable breakup? Or loose complete communication and do what ever you want? It’s hard, because you do care for your ex. You wish their wellbeing and happiness. Eventually, sometime you will become friends, and if it doesn’t happen, establish a little bit of respect towards each other. These thoughts, made me think of the Berlin wall. Take it as a breakup, you could end up being either eastern or western Germany. Not comparing economic and political situations, just as a resemblance of the situation. By the way, I took the picture above one of the times I visited Berlin. I was wearing my favorite white tennis shoes, Creative Reaction and Black Levis Jeans. The picture makes the situation equal, the only difference are the bricks representing  the location of the Berlin wall. Separating what once was a unified city.

There is always good and bad communication between people, and more in these types of situations. You expect the borderline to include several acts or forms of respect, but your ex believes respect in a  different matter. It’s normal, not everyone thinks alike. How do you know that borderline? Do you errase his cellphone number? Do you delete the only way to listen to their voice. The choice was made, its over.


Part of Berlin Wall. Berlin, Germany

I believe positive and even negative emotions could be represented as the families that were separated during this tough time. They may miss each other, because again, emotions sometimes overrule thoughts. It’s normal if it happens, we are humans. Once the time has passed and comes a situation that could be represented by President Ronald Regan tearing the wall, there could be peace and conformity which ever the outcome. You cannot control yourself, there is no book or rules that dictate what to do in a breakup. There must be respect though, towards your ex.

Has it ever happened to you, once you act in a foul way, something equally as bad happens back to you. It’s Karma, if you act in a positive matter, a positive act will occur to you. It’s easy, so every time a negative thought possesses you, think it could happen to you. During the time boundaries are set, there is a mutual respect that should be taken. If an emotion gets through the wall, and meets that same emotion and a positive outcome occurs, thats great. But, if a negative emotion gets through and there is a negative situation. You may feel like falling down, but always remember to keep your head up, because your searching for your own happiness.

Part of the Previous Berlin Wall. Berlin, Germany

Part of the Previous Berlin Wall. Berlin, Germany