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Social Media Attention, a new treatment to soothe a breakup

Eiffel Tower 2014

What do thoughts come to mind when you see the Eiffel Tower? Can you imagine all the pictures that have been taken of the Eiffel Tower? It’s imposible to know how many pictures have been taken or paitings done inspired by it. Every single person that I know and you may know who traveled to Paris, have taken a picture of it. This reminds me of the importance of getting attention from social media. After breaking up, there is a search for acceptance and attention of your followers on social media. It may not matter to you, but if you relate to it, did it help?  Do you feel better that your accepted through all the social media applications. It may soothe your breakup but not overcome it.

Thats why I chose this picture, I took at the Eiffel Tower back on two thousand fourteen. It was a magical moment, there had been preparations all day for a perfect picnic. I recommend a bottle of french white Sauvignon and crab salad with crackers. The weather was gray and cloudy. There were families, group of students, tourist from many parts of the world and even locals.

Eiffel Tower

There are no rules on how to get over a breakup. If social media attention is a remedy to soothe a breakup, well do it. After you breakup, the connection to another person is missing. You have said goodbye, left the relationship. There is no one else to judge you. You are the Eiffel Tower, you are strong, iconic and transcendental. Even though buildings or situations may cover part of you, you can still see a part of it. The important fact is to stay true to yourself and follow your heart and mind.

I chose the pictures to be gray because I ran into many troubles today. Many obstacles showed up today, some issues woke up anger inside me. There were negative thoughts and words said today. But at the end of the day, this is a process, there is no right or no wrong answer. It is always best to take positive or negative things as they come. Never try to hide or evade, face them face to face. This is a process, its like flipping a coin, you don’t know the outcome.

A smile can change the day, and today a random person smiled to me, it was an old lady that I saw at a grocery store. So I began sharing a smile whenever it was appropriate. Relating to the interpretation of the pictures of the Eiffel tower with todays topic. I have fallen into that category, I have taken several pictures with the Eiffel Tower.