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Post Birthday Depression

Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

Well the attention is over, the good wishes are said and its time to return to reality. The following pictures were taken last year during my birthday celebration in Las Vegas. I had an amazing time, but still everything that goes up must come down. All the happy times, good moments must end sometime. Right now I’m feeling a Post Birthday depression. It’s obvious to feel this way. I miss my ex, I truly do. But what I miss the most is the company of being with someone. I am going against the rebound rule. I need to learn to be by myself. I need to learn to love myself.

You can imagine yourself in the picture, of if you have gone to the Encore Beach Club, you know its a height of emotions. You will not feel lonely because you are around so many people, but what happens when your alone and feel that emptiness? How long is this emptiness going to last? Is there a time limit you will get this feeling? I need to stop thinking these questions and begin new hobbies. I wish to feel like myself again.

Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

I would love to hang out with my ex, but I know if I see him it would just be harmful for me. If you analyze the photographs every single person have different thoughts, personalities, hobbies and goals in life. This means that you are not alone in the world, many people are feeling the way you are doing. You just need to suck it up and be strong, no one will do it for you. I will not fall into seeing him again, I am a strong human being and these are just emotions.

If I stay strong, you better stay strong as well. We are not alone in this situation, I have my readers, followers and friends. These emotions are normal, its like quitting smoking, you are craving that cigarette. Can I compare my relationship to an addiction to nicotine? Maybe this is just an obsession that I have with my ex. I need to begin my new life and be strong. Remember there are many people in this planet, you are not alone.

Group of Brits at Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas

Group of Brits at Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas


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